The green revolution has truly begun. The political will to become more sustainable is rapidly gaining momentum. Europe now accepts that it must cut its CO2 emissions and reduce its dependency on dwindling fossil fuels. And around the world, governments are, finally, getting serious about investing in renewable sources of energy. One area that is attracting great interest is offshore renewables. Wind, tides, waves - they can all be harnessed.

Of these, offshore wind energy attracts the most attention - and investment. This is because, after many years of development on land, wind turbines are now mature technology. Wind farms are, though, more difficult and more expensive to install at sea than on land. But the benefits - better wind resource, more space and lower environmental impact - make them highly worthwhile.

Geotechnical engineers at Wind Support are playing a crucial role in helping to overcome the technical difficulties and in minimizing the costs.
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Wind Support is pleased to announce the successful completion of a pioneering research project investigating the behaviour of driven tubular steel piles in low to medium density chalk. The results will be used to reduce the cost and risk of installing offshore pile foundations. This project was sponsored by DONG, Centrica, Warwick Energy, Fugro, and Lloyds Register

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Wind Support Limited was founded in 2003 by John Carey. John has a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering and has worked almost exclusively on offshore wind energy projects since 1998.

Wind Support is based in the World Heritage city of Bath, in south-west England.

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